Grief and Loss

Yes, Grieving Over the Loss of a Pet is Legit

Grief happens when we lose something so important to us that it has become a part of us. For sure, everyone understands that losing a friend or a family member results in strong feelings of grief for those who are left behind. But what about when we lose something else? A job? Our ability to [...]

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German Shepherd Reunites with his Soldier

Soldiers coming home and surprising their families are must-watch videos - but here's a bit of a different one. This video is of a German Shepherd coming outside on a walk, only to see his soldier coming home to him after a deployment. It's a great (short) video of a pet reuniting with his owner. [...]

The Story of Floyd and Cool-B

What happens when one pet passes away? Do animals have their own way of grieving the loss of each other? This article explores the idea of pets and grief by telling the story of a young game developer who wrote his first game, sharing the story of one cat on the journey to find the friend he lost.

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Portrait Photography

Pictures really do tell a thousand words - and even more when you have a professional who can capture the personality and essence of your companion. Scheduling time with a photographer to take high-quality images of your pet along with you, with your family, or even by themselves is a great idea.

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About the name Companah

So how do you pronounce "Companah"? And how did you come up with that name? Companah, written phonetically: kom-PAN-uh We chose this as the name for our business as a mash-up of fundamental principles of who we are - compassion for our companions. Our pets are part of our family, and upon their loss they [...]

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