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Bringing Your Pal Home From the Bus

Not sure where this video originates from - but it doesn't really matter. This kind of greeting is universal no matter what language, school or even country. Watching the video to the end, it's impossible to tell if the kid is happier or his dog! The companionship of a family pet is one [...]

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Yes, Grieving Over the Loss of a Pet is Legit

Grief happens when we lose something so important to us that it has become a part of us. For sure, everyone understands that losing a friend or a family member results in strong feelings of grief for those who are left behind. But what about when we lose something else? A job? Our ability to [...]

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Police Dogs All Business (Until They’re Not)

Every time you see a police dog on duty - they are laser focused on the task they have at hand. Tracking, following a target, investigating - whatever job they've been given, that's what they are doing. That is, until they are off duty. Then they turn back in to puppies just like any [...]

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Bullied for how he looks, boy adopts a special cat who shares his differences

It's all too common for schoolkids who don't look the same as the other kids to find themselves as a target for others who bully them or make fun of their appearance. For a child who may have unique features that are immediately noticeable - like a cleft lip and eyes that have different colors [...]

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German Shepherd Reunites with his Soldier

Soldiers coming home and surprising their families are must-watch videos - but here's a bit of a different one. This video is of a German Shepherd coming outside on a walk, only to see his soldier coming home to him after a deployment. It's a great (short) video of a pet reuniting with his owner. [...]

The Story of Floyd and Cool-B

What happens when one pet passes away? Do animals have their own way of grieving the loss of each other? This article explores the idea of pets and grief by telling the story of a young game developer who wrote his first game, sharing the story of one cat on the journey to find the friend he lost.

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Video of older dog once he figures out he’s getting adopted

Share This This video is awesome. Watch as this older pet goes through the experience of leaving the shelter and being adopted by a new family. We hope that our 1000 Second Chances Campaign will create many, many moments like this! Shelter dog finds out he’s been adopted from r/aww For every private pet [...]

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Supporting Troops and Pets – Adoption and Foster Care

Like anyone else, many military personnel are proud and loving owners of their own pets. While they are stationed at bases and military installations such as the ones local to our are (Ft. Bragg, Pope AFB, Cherry Point) these pets are wonderful companions for service members - especially those who are single or without any [...]

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