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Resources and memorial ideas as you consider planning for the aftercare of your companion

Yes, Grieving Over the Loss of a Pet is Legit

Grief happens when we lose something so important to us that it has become a part of us. For sure, everyone understands that losing a friend or a family member results in strong feelings of grief for those who are left behind. But what about when we lose something else? A job? Our ability to [...]

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Private Cremation or Communal Cremation

There are basically two approaches to consider when deciding to cremate the remains of your pet: private or communal. Essentially, which approach you and your family choose will depend on whether you do, or do not, want your pet’s ashes back, as well as the cost of cremation. Private Cremation In a private cremation, the [...]

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Children Understanding Loss

Parents are certainly aware that children, as they grow physically and emotionally, react differently as they grow in age. A toddler that loses a toy reacts differently than a teenager that loses a personal item. The same premise applies to grief - a younger child understands and reacts differently to the loss of a pet [...]

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Portrait Photography

Pictures really do tell a thousand words - and even more when you have a professional who can capture the personality and essence of your companion. Scheduling time with a photographer to take high-quality images of your pet along with you, with your family, or even by themselves is a great idea.

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Cost of Water Cremation

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