We appreciate the folks at GrepBeat taking the time to learn more about Companah and the modern approach we are taking for pet owners. GrepBeat is a media startup covering the tech community in Raleigh-Durham. They endeavor to tell the stories of this area’s mighty tech startups and their entrepreneurs in an engaging and colorful way. Think of it as TechCrunch for the Triangle, with a splash of BuzzFeed for seasoning.

The article is pretty comprehensive in telling our story, and the green technology that we are bringing to this area:

Companah uses a process called water cremation, or alkaline hydrolysis, in which the body goes through a chemical process that reduces it down to bone fragments, which are then turned into a product similar to ashes. The process is known as “green cremation” due to its smaller carbon footprint, and is used on humans as well.

The article was posted in GrepBeat in December of 2019.