So how do you pronounce “Companah”? And how did you come up with that name?

Companah, written phonetically:


We chose this as the name for our business as a mash-up of fundamental principles of who we are – compassion for our companions. Our pets are part of our family, and upon their loss they are worthy of as much grace and respect as we can give them.

Companah ends with the letters “ah”, as you can see. Those letters are intentional, as they reference not only the water cremation at the heart of our process but also echo two meaning words in Hebrew:

Re’ah – the word for companion, neighbor, or friend.
Ru’ah – the creative Spirit or wind that make things new

We intend to not only service pet families in a time of sadness and loss, we also hope to help them as they grieve and transition to a new chapter in their life. Additionally, our charitable focus is donating toward the adoption fees of older pets – giving them a “second chance” at life with a new family.