NC IDEA Grant Winner

We're thrilled to announce that Companah has been chosen to receive a funding grant from NC IDEA,  a private foundation committed to supporting entrepreneurial ambition and economic advancement in North Carolina. Micro-grant recipients were chosen from 30 finalists that had been selected from 208 submissions. Applications were accepted from NC-based startups with innovative products or business [...]

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So That’s How Chocolate Labs Are Made

My daughter makes the absolute best cookies in the world. I know she follows the standard Toll House cookie recipe that's printed on the bag for all the world to see, and I know that the only thing she does differently is to add butterscotch chips. Nonetheless, to me they are the best cookies in [...]

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The Story of Floyd and Cool-B

What happens when one pet passes away? Do animals have their own way of grieving the loss of each other? This article explores the idea of pets and grief by telling the story of a young game developer who wrote his first game, sharing the story of one cat on the journey to find the friend he lost.

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Ranking Newspaper Comic Strips – 80s Style

Growing up in the 1980s, almost every school day started the same. Winston-Salem Journal Wake up, walk in to the kitchen. Get the Cheerios out of the cabinet, milk out of the fridge. Find where the sugar bowl was put away (the same sugar bowl is used for cooking, for making [...]

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50 on my 50

Little changes can lead to medium-sized changes. Medium-sized changes can lead to big changes. What if momentum that was begun by not chewing on fingernails, brushing teeth twice a day, and no longer intentionally farting while walking in front of Shannon - what if those little changes led to a daily discipline of exercise and yoga. What if it led to making better choices with our money. What if it led to starting our own business.

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About the name Companah

So how do you pronounce "Companah"? And how did you come up with that name? Companah, written phonetically: kom-PAN-uh We chose this as the name for our business as a mash-up of fundamental principles of who we are - compassion for our companions. Our pets are part of our family, and upon their loss they [...]

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Cost of Water Cremation

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