Bringing Your Pal Home From the Bus

Not sure where this video originates from – but it doesn’t really matter. This kind of greeting is universal no matter what language, school or even country. Watching the video to the end, it’s impossible to tell if the kid is happier or his dog!

The companionship of a family pet is one of the most valuable ways we have to teach our children how to love another being, how to care another being, how to give them respect, and how to enjoy them for who they are. Doesn’t have to be a cute puppy either – cats (admittedly, in their own special way) show their affection, and all kinds of other pets that we invite in to our lives.


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Companah is a small business founded in Central North Carolina, owned and operated by Hal and Shannon Atkins. Caring for others, living and loving the natural beauty of our state, and having careers in science and technology are the reasons they have built this practice. Hal spent his childhood in the mountains of North Carolina enjoying the natural splendor of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Shannon spent her younger years down east on the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers. Knowing the importance of our natural environment, they are excited to bring a technology that will significantly reduce the environmental impact of traditional animal cremation methods while returning a better overall product to your family.

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