I’ve begun making some small changes in my life recently. Like, really small – but things that happen (or didn’t happen) a lot. I’ve stopped biting my nails. I turn off lights when I leave a room. I’ve even begun taking the consideration of others in to mind and replace the roll of toilet paper (like, actually, put it on the hanger even) when it’s down to the last couple of sheets.

Those are nice changes, changes that are appreciated by others I live with. Not really earth-shattering and life-changing, though. Yet I think they may have provided a bridge to other changes I’ve been making – keeping an eye on what I eat, putting the phone completely away when driving, taking an evening walk with my wife.

Little changes can lead to medium-sized changes. Medium-sized changes can lead to big changes. What if momentum that was begun by not chewing on fingernails, brushing teeth twice a day, and no longer intentionally farting while walking in front of Shannon – what if those little changes led to a daily discipline of exercise and yoga. What if it led to making better choices with our money. What if it led to starting our own business.

I ran today – well, more like I wogged today. Just a couple of miles, but it felt good. What if I got back to the joy and health of running for distances, and enjoying all those nice endorphins and moments of clarity that only come with that runner’s high.

What if I set a goal to run 50 miles on the day I turn 50 years old.