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Cremation? Burial? What options do we have?

Thinking about the disposition of your pet after death, there are options you can choose.

Private Cremation. If you are wanting to receive your pet’s ashes back to you and your family, this is the best option. Private cremation means that your pet is set apart from other companions, ensuring that the cremains you receive are those of your pet only.

Communal Cremation. In this approach, the ashes will not be returned. We spread the remains of all of our communal companion cremations in the waters of the Pamlico River.

Burial. If you would like to bury or scatter the ashes of your pet on your property, we do have biodegradable urns and scattering bags that we can provide. Companah does not have or provide a cemetery, but we can certainly help you find one in your area.

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