Our goal is to provide a “Happy Place” for homeless animals.

No matter the path that brought them here, the animals have found safety, commitment, love and respect at Solutions for Animals, Inc. Some have never experienced these simple acts of kindness and responsibility. Others have, but an unfortunate owner illness or death has left them grieving. We must see them through their time of need. From here they will be placed into compatible, loving and responsible homes.

We are not age discriminate, nor is color or size an issue. However, indoor housing, cleanliness, training, health care, social activities and so much more must be provided daily. We can only take in as many animals as we can properly care for. Saving a life and allowing that life to be neglected of any of the above, is a policy within SFA that will not be compromised. All adoptions are contingent on a completed consideration form and adoption fee’s vary based solely on expenses incurred for medical care and rehabilitation of each individual animal. Every animal is spayed/neutered before they leave SFA.

2298 N. Horace Walters Rd. Raeford, NC 28376

SFA is Located 7/10ths of a mile from The Carolina Horse Park.

Call us at 910-875-7244