For the Love of Dogs, Inc. is a non profit no-kill organization made up of volunteers who are committed to the humane treatment of dogs.  Dogs improve the quality of our lives, decrease blood pressure and stress as well as increase our life span. The following five goals represent their commitment:

  1. Prevention of Cruelty to Dogs
  2. Provision of Medical Care
  3. Provision of Public Education Concerning Care of Dogs
  4. Facilitation of Adoptions to Loving Homes
  5. Engagement in Fundraising Programs To Enable Us to Continue Our Efforts

The prevention of cruelty to dogs is reflected in their efforts in rescuing stray dogs, providing humane care and treatment of dogs needing protection, seeking to return lost dogs to their owners and seeking suitable homes for dogs without owners. Through the assistance of various highly skilled veterinarians, they provide support for dogs to be spayed or neutered as well as receive age appropriate vacations.

You can find out more about them by contacting them at:

5146  Quaker Road
Wilson NC 27893