Grace and Dignity

Our goal is to set the standard for pet aftercare here in North Carolina. Just as much as grace and dignity are the hallmarks of any agency providing services for human funerals, we believe that we can bring that same level of care while helping families care for the passing of their pets.

For families with children, the passing of a beloved companion reaches across our feelings and our relationships. In many families, the death of a pet is the first time that our children learn about loss and grief – an incredibly important moment of growing up and learning about how to handle one of the realities of life. We hope that our staff, the care we provide, and the manner in which we handle the disposition can be a resource to healing.

Environmentally-Friendly Process

We take the utmost care of your pet in its aftercare. Respect is given in the means by which we transport your companion, how we carefully monitor the pets in our care, and in our method of returning the body to the earth.

At the heart of our BioReturn process is an environmentally-sound approach to returning your pet’s remains to the earth. Alkaline hydrolysis is a controlled and careful procedure that uses water as means of replicating the natural process of decomposition. Water cremation is the most gentle and respectful process that we know of and we are proud to be the only providers in this area.

Cost of BioReturn Process

Every pet is unique, and that certainly might reflect in some differences in the cost of taking care of your companion. Nevertheless, here’s a general guide that will give you an idea of how we can provide aftercare for your pet.

To begin, please give us a bit of information about your pet.

More often than not, adult and older pets that are up for adoption are not fully considered as a family looks to bring a new pet in to their household. We at Companah are putting a strong financial commitment to encouraging families to consider adopting older pets.

Supporting the Adoption of Older Pets, Companah