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Thursday, November 12 2020

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Why Choose Companah?




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  • A sustainable approach to cremation science

  • Lower temp, taking out use of fossil fuels

  • Mimics what happens in nature

  • Agricultural applications for communal


  • Clean, sterile remains for memorials

  • Neutralizes all pathogens and prions

  • Safe for water cycle

  • Nearly zero carbon emissions


  • A tracking system that your clients can follow

  • Ability to know where their pet is at all times

  • Direct integration with your veterinary practice managent software (PIMS)

  • Inform your clients when memorials are ready to be returned home

Private Cremation

Personalized Tree of Life Urn

Tree of Life Urn

Your companion is set apart and cremated using the most environmentally-friendly method available. Your pet’s remains are returned in an engraved wooden urn that serves as a memorial to honor the time you shared with your companion.

Biodegradable Urn and Seedling

Biodegradable urn and seedling

Your companion is set apart and cremated using the most environmentally-friendly method available. Your pet’s remains are returned in a biodegradable container that you can bury in a location of your choice and a three-inch Carolina Pine tree seedling to potted for years or planted outdoors to honor your companion.

Private option can include one clay paw print

Trusted By Veterinarians

Modern, Sterile, and Environmentally-Friendly

Care for Deceased Companions

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What is Alkaline Hydrosis?

Often times the best science is that which follows the patterns of nature. Alkaline hydrolysis, a chemical process that mimics what happens in natural decomposition, is just that.

We call it water cremation – it is an advanced method of creamation that uses an alkaline hydrolysis reaction of aqueous solutions 95% water and 5% potassium hydroxide to break down the body into its basic, soluble, organic components and bone ash.

What Does It Look Like?

Water cremation takes place in a controlled environment, over a period of hours (usually most of a day). It doesn’t use high heat or exhaust any pollutants. The machine produces a gentle water flow at a high pH level with elevated temperature.

Keeping the remains of pets apart from each other, this approach to body care of deceased pets renders a safe and sterile effluent (a mixture of simple proteins, amino acids, and soaps) and bone matter that is reduced to ash (similar to traditional cremation).

Communal Cremation

A respectful means of disposition of your pet’s remains

Your pet is cremated along with other companions in a respectful and environmentally-friendly manner. Remains of these companions are brought back in to the environment in support of organic farms in our area.